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Rental Terms

Smiley Rental Cars - Your Trusted Travel Partner!

Terms & Conditions

“The renters” refers to any driver as well as anyone funding the rental agreement.

“Smiley Rental Cars” refers to the company “ΣΤΡΟΥΤΖΑ ΕΥΦΡΟΣΥΝΗ”

  1. The renters agree to follow all the rules of the road according to Greek law.
  2. The vehicle is covered by comprehensive insurance. The renters agree to cover expenses due to damages while the vehicle is under their care of up to the excess of 1000€ after which the insurance shall cover the rest. If the excess cover is added, the excess shall not apply. The above is not applicable if the driver is found to be under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol or in negligent in their driving.
  3. The vehicle is equipped with all the tools necessary to replace a tire as well as a first aid kit, fire extinguisher, emergency triangle and emergency vest. The renters, agree to return all of the vehicle’s contents at the end date of this contract.
  4. This vehicle shall not be used to perform illegal activities, move heavy objects, illegal drugs, chemicals or flammable objects. This vehicle cannot be used to transport more people than what is permitted on the vehicle’s registration nor can it be used for racing purposes. If this term is broken, the comprehensive insurance and any excess cover is void without refund and the above agree to be responsible for all their actions including costs and agree to hold the company Smiley Rental Cars harmless from damages. Furthermore, this vehicle cannot be driven by: individuals not listed in this agreement, individuals without the appropriate license category, individuals without at least one year of driving, or by individuals younger than 23 or over the age of 75. Violation of this term will void the comprehensive insurance and any excess cover making the renters liable for any damages and costs.
  5. In the event of an accident, the renters agree to remain at the scene of the accident, collect evidence and cooperate with the police, insurance company and Smiley Rental Cars.
  6. The renters agree that Smiley Rental Cars is not responsible for any loss of damages sustained to personal effects.
  7. The renters agree that the vehicle shall not be repaired by them or by any third party without the written consent from Smiley Rental Cars.
  8. The renters agree that they are responsible for any fines levied to them including parking.
  9. The renters shall not take the vehicle off the island of Kefalonia, without the expressed written consent of the company Smiley Rental Cars.
  10. All rented vehicles are non-smoking/non-vaping vehicles. If smoking/vaping has been detected in the vehicle, the renters shall be levied a 50€ cleaning fee.
  11. The renters agree to return the vehicle with the same amount of fuel. Failure to do so shall lead to 5€ charge + 0.05€/L on top of the going rate to refuel the vehicle to the appropriate level.
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